High quality aircraft carpet

aircraft carpet production in belgium

B.I.C.-Carpets (Belgian International Carpets) was established in 1956.
Our Aircraft Division, has been manufacturing aircraft carpets for over 40 years for civil and
commercial aviation. With different looms available, we can produce a wide range of
high quality aircraft carpets.

All qualities meet the FAA/FAR directions as well as ABD 0031/BMS 7238/39 standards. Our
qualities are made of the finest wool including a Bekinox anti static fiber to reduce the
electrostatic charge.

The production includes both 1,2 and 3 frame looppile products and also cut and loop
various constructions. Normal standard carpets with even and / or stranded threads are
made as well. B.I.C.-carpets has advanced CAD design facilities, so the customer gets
exclusive pattern, colours and carpets.

The recognition for these important basic values was ensured when the company obtained
the ISO 9100 certificate. We also obtained the Production Organisation Approval
Certificate “Part 21 Subpart G”. Both are quality labels that give the company’s employees
recognition for their design, development, production and sales skills.