High quality aircraft carpets

For over 40 years, BIC Carpets Aircraft Division has been a trusted partner in the commercial and civil aviation industry, providing top-quality aircraft carpets that go above and beyond expectations. Our cutting-edge looms allow us to offer a vast selection of carpets that cater to every need.

Founded in 1956, BIC Carpets stands for quality, flexibility & sustainibility. From the first to the last step in production, we strive to deliver the utmost in quality – from raw material sourcing to delivery worldwide.

With a profound knowledge of the aviation market, BIC translates your values into commercial and innovative solutions with quality carpet that helps reduce the total cost of ownership. The aircraft carpets are produced in Belgium with the Wilton weaving technique and can be distributed worldwide.




That’s why we’ve developed our own ecological label and made it our mission to contribute to the ecological revolution. Our commitment to these values is just as important to us as it is to our customers.

We take pride in our efforts to meet environmental regulations and reduce our impact on the planet. From minimizing waste in our production process to using eco-friendly resources and supporting natural power sources, we’re dedicated to constant improvement. Choose BIC Carpets and join us in creating a better, more sustainable future.

You can count on BIC for all your carpet needs, also for delivery in parts with EASA form 1